Bubble Bar Summerfest Edition

Welcome to the shizzling hot summer in Oslo! Bubble Bar is back in June, just before we all push pause on changing the world, hibernate our startups and head down to syden.

This time we will have a special guest from the digital music industry. We are going review the new developments in the music streaming business touching on Apple Music, Spotify and the likes.

The event is going to be MESH's summer party so prepare for some extra dosage of fun and exciting announcements about the upcoming changes at MESH!

What to expect


16:00: doors open

16:00-17:30: ping pong tournament

18:00-19:00: talk show on stage

19:00-19:30: Q&A

19:30: music, BBQ


Bubble Bar is a relaxed monthly Friday afterwork event for the startup community in Oslo. We gathered some trouble-starters to launch this new series, to have a regular venue where we can discuss the glorious ups and the miserable downs of startup-life.

There’ll be tough questions, honest confessions, annoying buzzwords, hot trends, boring fads, bubbly beverages and tons of fun. We’ll try to wrap all these into an entertaining talk-show format and bring the founder stories close to you.

Bubble what?

*Bubble: There’s no angry way to say ‘bubbles’ (we know you tried).

*Bar: You know the deal. There’s no such a thing as bad beer. At least not around here. We’ll serve craft beer and invite beer geeks to present their companies to you.

Let’s grab a cold one and have fun together!

Sincerely, the producers and hosts:

  • - Kriszti Tóth (co-founder, MESH)
  • - Maria Amelie (journalist, write)
  • - Sverre Rørvik Nilsen (entrepreneur)
  • - Vilhelm K. Vardøy (co-founder, Xeneta)
  • - Adam Scheuring (co-founder, Loop Health)

PS: This bubble will never burst!

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Delivered by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Adam Scheuring
co-founder @Loop Health
Vilhelm K. Vardøy
co-founder, CTO @Xeneta
Sverre Rørvik Nilsen
entrepreneur, financial acrobat
Kriszti Tóth
co-founder, head of content @MESH
Maria Amelie
writer, tech journalist
Silvija Seres
independent board director, entrepreneur, scientist
Per Einar Dybvik
business entrepreneur, partner at StartupLab